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Move to VoIP close to completion

This morning we moved another 51 Bell Centrex lines to VoIP.  There are still a few lines in the department that need to be moved but it may take some time before that will be scheduled by the central people.

Please see the Departmental VoIP Information Page for more information.

Departmental VoIP Information Page

The Departmental VoIP Information Page is now available.

Networking Hardware Update for VoIP

We will be updating our networking hardware in the near future so that our department can more easily join the new VoIP telecommunications system that UofT has selected. We have to change many network switches and there will be two-hour windows when network connections for some people will stop working. Occassionally there will be short (less than 10 minutes) network outages for whole networks.

Information about the schedule for these outages will be posted on this blog.

For more information about the UofT VoIP project please see:

Bell Centrex system to be replaced by VoIP – Update about 5-digit dialing

As was mentioned in an earlier post the University is moving away from the Bell Canada Centrex system to a BroadConnect Telecom VoIP system.  Many departments have already moved over and our department will be piloting this system very soon in preparation to moving everyone over in the new year.

One consequence of the presence of two different systems on campus is that those of us still on the Centrex system have to use 9 plus the full 10 digit telephone number to call anyone who has already moved to the VoIP system (for example, people in Engineering or Computer Science).  The usual 5-digit dialing still works between two Centrex users (or between two VoIP system users).

The main University website for this changeover is VoIP at U of T.

Bell Centrex system to be replaced by VoIP

The University is moving from the current Bell Centrex system for telephones to a new VoIP (Voice over IP; essentially using computer networks to replace telephone networks) system.  The change will provide enhanced communication features and significant cost savings.

The main University website for this changeover is VoIP at U of T.

Currently the Faculty of Arts and Science is in discussions about this changeover with the central people and the departments within the faculty.

More updates will be posted on this blog as the project progresses.

215 Huron network switch upgrade

We will be testing a replacement network switch for VoIP for 215 Huron on Wednesday June 5 from 3:30pm-4:00pm.  Users in 215 Huron may experience short wired network outages during that time.  If all goes well then on Thursday June 6 from 3-4:30pm we plan to move everyone to the new switch.

The UofT wireless network will not be affected by our switch upgrade.

PGB network switch upgrades on Monday, June 3, 2019 from 11am to 1pm

In order to be ready for VoIP, we will be upgrading the network switches in PGB on Monday, June 3, 2019 from 11am to 1pm.  Network connections will be temporarily unavailable while we do the upgrades.  If all goes smoothly we expect to have just two 10-15 minute outages to complete the transition.

Short network outage for some rooms on Wednesday 2019mar20 from 4:15-5:00pm

On Wednesday March 20 during the server upgrade time from 4:15-5:00pm we will be testing one of the new switches that we will be installing for VoIP.  People in the following rooms will be affected:

BA6102  BA6103  BA6104  BA6106  BA6107  BA6108  BA6110  BA6112  BA6114  BA6116  BA6118

This will be a short test and we expect that computers in those offices will not be without network connections for more than 15 minutes.