“mutt” email client updated on coxeter

The “mutt” email client has been updated on coxeter, from version 1.5.20 to version 1.11.4. Please revise your “.muttrc” file for any changes, the man page for which can be found on coxeter at:


The old version is still available by running “/usr/bin/mutt”.

MATHEMATICA updated to latest stable version (10.0.2)

MATHEMATICA has been updated to 10.0.2 (the latest stable version) on sphere.  Type mathematica (for a graphical interface) or math (for a command-line interface) on sphere to access this new version.

MATLAB updated to latest stable version (R2015a)

MATLAB has been updated to R2015a (the latest stable version) on sphere.  Type matlab on sphere to access this new version.

Course software requests

In order to budget for course software and to allow time to install it, please submit requests using this form at least 3 weeks before the start of term (later requests will still be considered).

Chromium browser now available on coxeter

The chromium web browser (it is very similar to Google Chrome) is now available on coxeter.  Please run chromium-browser on coxeter to access it.

coxeter reboot at 4:15pm on Wednesday April 9, 2014

coxeter will be rebooted at approximately 4:15pm tomorrow (on Wednesday, Apr 9) in order to apply some updates due to the recently disclosed openssl problem.  We expect coxeter to be back up by 4:30pm.

The other departmental servers have already been updated and will not be rebooted.

Serious security flaws in Apple iOS and Mac OSX operating systems

The following is from UofT’s IT Security people (Quick Summary: upgrading to the latest versions of iOS and MAC OSX will fix this serious security problem, but that does mean going to iOS7.0.6 for iPad and iPhone users, which many people have avoided):

There has been a recently discovered flaw in Apple products
which affects how SSL certificates are validated.

Apple has just released a patch for OSX (10.9.2), please
update all OSX devices ASAP.

More details about OSX 10.9.2 are available here:

If you haven't already patched iOS devices (iPhone, iPad,
etc), please update to 7.0.6 ASAP.

More details about iOS 7.0.6 are available here:

You can test if your device is vulnerable by visiting this site:

For those interested in the details of the vulnerability itself,
there's a good writeup here:

MATLAB Technical Seminars at UofT on Friday February 7, 2014

Complimentary MATLAB seminars for educators, academic researchers and students at University of Toronto have been scheduled:

Date: Friday, February 7
Location: Claude T. Bissell Building, Room 205 (BL 205)
Time: 9:30-11:30A.M.


9:30-11:30A.M.: Session 1: An Introduction to MATLAB Software
Learn how to use MATLAB to analyze and visualize data, edit and debug code and publish and share your results.
12:00-2:00P.M.: Session 2: Parallel Computing with MATLAB to Perform Large-Scale Simulations and Data Processing Tasks
Learn how to boost the execution speed of computationally and data-intensive problems using MATLAB and the Parallel Computing Toolbox.

View complete session descriptions and register at www.mathworks.com/seminars/UTOR2014.

coxeter and sphere updates on 2013sep25 were successful

coxeter and sphere appear to be working fine now, after the updates late this afternoon.

Software updates for coxeter and sphere at 4:15pm on Wednesday September 25, 2013

The main departmental servers coxeter and sphere will have software updates applied this Wednesday afternoon, September 25, 2013 which will require rebooting.  Since some updates will be applied while these servers are still up there may be some temporary issues with some software. We hope that any such issues will be minor and by doing most of the upgrading before bringing these  systems down the shorter downtime will be worth the potential minor problems. Please restart any programs if you observe problems during the upgrades (and please let us know at requests@math.toronto.edu, so we can investigate). We expect the systems to be back up by about 5:00pm.