Latest stable version (R2018a) of matlab has been installed on sphere

The latest version (R2018a) of matlab has been installed on sphere.  We have the following toolboxes: Simulink, Bioinformatics, Control, Curve_Fitting, Signal_Blocks, Data_Acq, Image, Instr_Control, Optimization, Distrib_Computing, Signal, SimMechanics, Simscape, Simulink_Control_Design, Stateflow, Statistics, Symbolic, Econometrics, Financial, and PDE.  The Econometrics and Financial toolboxes are older and node-locked to sphere, and there are only six licenses for the PDE toolbox so please do not keep that toolbox checked out if not necessary.

UofT moving to Quercus/Canvas from Portal/Blackboard

The University has decided to move from the Portal using Blackboard to a new teaching and learning environment called Quercus which uses the Canvas learning management system (LMS) for managing courses.

Portal/Blackboard is going away on August 31, 2018.  Please see:

Local Quercus/Canvas Information Webpage

for more information about backing up your old Blackboard courses and for links to the University resources for the new Quercus/Canvas system.


Server updates on 2018jun27 were successful

The departmental servers appear to be working fine after the updates this afternoon.

UTORmail migration update

The UTORmail migration to UTmail+ is tentatively scheduled to start at 5pm on Wednesday July 4, 2018.  The migration should be finished by 9am on Thursday morning.  UTORmail users will not be able to access that system during the migration time.

If you have been forwarding your UTORmail ( email) to your departmental email ( or then that will be automatically preserved when the UTORmail system is replaced by an Office 365 email system (called UTmail+ at UofT).

You can check if you are forwarding your UTORmail by going to

If you have been using another email system (such as Gmail or Mac Mail) to access your UTORmail account (via IMAP) then that will no longer work after the migration.  You can see for an example of configuring IMAP access to UTmail+ if you still wish to do that.

Departmental webserver, www, update today at 2pm

The departmental webserver, www, will be updated today, Monday June 4, 2018 at 2pm. This should take at most a half-hour and during the upgrade time the main departmental website will be unavailable at times.

UTORmail to Office 365 Migration

The last phase of the University’s migration to Office 365 (locally called UTmail+), moving the old UTORmail accounts prior to the decommissioning of that service, will take place soon.  An email has been sent to the list of UTORmail accounts of people in our department that was sent to us.  You do not have to do anything about this and it does not affect your departmental email.

Here is the information that was send earlier about the migration:

Office 365 Migration on Dec 6, 2017 at 5pm

Server updates on 2018may23 were successful

The departmental servers appear to be working fine after the updates this afternoon.

Server updates on 2018may16 were successful

The departmental servers appear to be working fine after the updates this afternoon.

Mail server is back online

The mail server update ran into an issue (the Puremessage spam-filtering system would not start) that made finishing before 5pm infeasible so the update was cancelled.  We now expect that we can avoid that particular issue and will reschedule the update at a later date.

Old hardware available as is (before disposal)

We have many (29) old monitors which are small and/or old (at least 10 years), 5 old printers and 2 boxes of 3.5″ floppy disks which we will be giving to the swap shop after the end of this week.

If you are interested in any of this then we can show you the hardware and you are invited to take some home.  This is “as is”…we don’t know if anything works, what resolution the monitors are, if toner cartridges are still available for the printers, etc.  We can only provide power cords and a video cable if you want a monitor.

Please email if you would like to see any of this.