Server updates on 2017jul12 were successful

The departmental servers appear to be working fine after the updates this afternoon.

Closing old blog/wiki sites. Update

As was mentioned in an earlier IT Status post (over 3 months ago) we have several old and apparently abandoned blog and wiki sites on and

Since we received no requests to preserve any wikis we will be shutting down that server in the near future and all data will be completely removed and no longer available.

The only requests to preserve blogs were for the Graduate blog, the Undergraduate blog, and the IT Status blog, so only those will remain.

Server updates on 2017jun21 were successful

The departmental servers appear to be working fine after the updates yesterday afternoon.

New phishing email

A phishing email with subject line:

        Migrate to The new Outlook Web app for Staff

has been sent to some people in our department.  Please just delete it if you receive it.

Latest UTmail+ news

According to UofT:


This is an update to the community in regards to the ongoing efforts to restore UTmail+ service. Microsoft has escalated the severity of the UTmail+ service issues to CRITICAL and is working to restore service as soon as possible.

At this time, Microsoft is unable to provide us with a service restoration timeline. The original target for restoration for Wednesday, May 3rd morning will not be met by Microsoft’s team. We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing to UTmail+ users.

Once this information is available we will post it immediately. Thank you for your ongoing patience.

Please see for the latest updates.

UTmail+ should be available on Wednesday (May 3) morning

The 72-hour UTmail+ outage that started on Friday at 6pm has had problems and currently Microsoft is saying that full email service will be restored tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.

As UofT has said, DURING THIS OUTAGE, Students and Alumni will NOT HAVE ACCESS to email service.

Non-ASCII characters in URLs in firefox

On coxeter we have changed the default in firefox so that URLs that have non-ASCII characters will be displayed using punycode (which only uses ASCII) to alert users to potential homograph attacks.  If you need to allow non-ASCII characters in URLs then you can type about:config in the Location Bar (sometimes called the Address Bar) to change your setting for the network.IDN_show_punycode variable to false.

coxeter and escalator updates on 2017mar29 were successful

coxeter and the escalator server appear to be working fine after the updates today.

Closing old blog/wiki sites

The old (apparently abandoned) blog and wiki sites on and will be closed and completely removed from our servers. We are planning to move to a much newer blog/wiki server shortly after the end of this term and we are currently planning to restore only the undergraduate and graduate blogs and specially-requested wiki sites. Please let us know if there is a blog/wiki site that you are still using.

Both projectors in BA6183 are working again

A new projector lamp module was installed this morning and now both projectors in BA6183 are working again.