Remote teaching resources

The following page has a comprehensive guide as to how to continue your classes online:

A few notes regarding meetings via MS Teams:

  1. If you type in an email address and it does not show up in a drop-down (i.e. it’s underlined in red) you can still leave it on the list of emails and it will accept it and send an email to that recipient.
  2. If you have a list of emails in a text file, one email per line, you can copy and paste the whole thing into the Attendees field of an Outlook meeting. This also works if you have the emails in an Excel column, one email per line.
  3. Perhaps the simplest thing is to create the meeting and just invite yourself. You can then share the link which is emailed to you with whomever you want. For example, if you have a course web page you can just schedule all the classes, invite yourself to each, and then just post the list of links on the web page indicating when they should be clicked on e.g. “Class for Monday March 24, 10am: https://path.of.url”.