UTMail+ and spam filtering problems — important emails being deleted

If you use a “@utoronto.ca” or “@mail.utoronto.ca” email address then please be aware that UofT moved all email to Microsoft and that changed the way that anti-spam works for those accounts; incoming mail is now scanned by Exchange Online Protection (EOP).

There have been sporadic reports of EOP generating spam false positives (legitimate messages marked as spam and delivered to the “Junk Email” folder instead of “Inbox” folder) .

Please check your “Junk Email” folder regularly to see if this has happened to you.  Email in the “Junk Email” is permanently deleted (with no possibility of being restored) after a deletion period.  That period was 30 days but due to this problem they have temporarily extended that period to 90 days.

Instructions for minimizing the impact of the email move are supposedly available on https://office365.utoronto.ca however no direct link was given.

People receiving email on our departmental mail server at addresses “@math.toronto.edu” and “@math.utoronto.ca” are not affected by the UofT email change.