Network switch upgrades on Wednesday, May 1 from 11am to 3pm

We will be upgrading the last four network edge switches for our main math network in Bahen on Wednesday, May 1st from 11am to 3pm.  The following offices will be affected:

BA6120 BA6191 BA6193 BA6200 BA6202 BA6204 BA6206 BA6208 BA6209
BA6211 BA6212 BA6214 BA6216 BA6218 BA6224 BA6226 BA6228 BA6230
BA6232 BA6234 BA6236 BA6242 BA6244 BA6246 BA6248 BA6250 BA6252
BA6256 BA6258 BA6260 BA6262 BA6264 BA6266 BA6268 BA6270 BA6283
BA6290 BA6290A BA6290A BA6290C BA6290G BA6290G BA6290J BA6291

The lw2 and lw3 printers will be affected by these outages, so they will be unavailable while their network connections are being upgraded.

The Computer Room (BA6200), as listed above, will also be affected.