SquirrelMail and Roundcube Webmail Servers

There were a few smaller issues with SquirrelMail that were discovered and fixed earlier this week including a security token expiration problem (we have configured the program to generate a new key for each access, but they expire after two days, so please do not Compose a single message for more than that time).

In order to have another webmail choice for people in case there are any further problems with SquirrelMail we now have a second, unsupported, webmail server on our system, Roundcube.  Roundcube has some advantages (it looks nice, it has a mobile interface, it is newer, etc.) and some disadvantages (address books would have to be recreated, some icons can be poorly rendered, some text may be partially obscured, refreshing large folders can result in constant refreshing, etc.), however for most users it seems to work reasonably well.