Office 365 Migration on Dec 6, 2017 at 5pm

The University is moving to a cloud-based Office 365 service due to the desire to decommission the UTORexchange and UTORmail email servers and to provide more modern communication and collaboration services.

This will not affect the departmental mail service (your email ending “” or ““) which you can access with pine or Thunderbird (for example) or as always with a web browser at:


The current schedule is for the migration of people with UTORexchange accounts in our department to start at 5pm on Wednesday December 6, 2017 and finish by 9am the following morning.  UTORmail users will be migrated at a future date.

Once migrated, users should use:

to access their “” email via webmail.

Please see:

for general information about this move and what you should do before and after the migration (upgrading to Office 2016 if you have an earlier version will be the main task for most people).

has information about accessing your “” email after the migration.

There is documentation about using Office 365 at: