New (simplified) AV system in BA6183

[There is a summary of how to use our new AV setup at the bottom of this post.]

As many people noticed the matrix switcher for the AV system in BA6183 was failing at the end of last year so just before the break we replaced it and simplified the configuration in that room.  Now there are only two choices for inputs, the built-in computer or a laptop connected on the white panel above the touchscreen.  By default the computer will be displayed, but if a laptop is connected then that will take precedence and the system will automatically switch to displaying that (assuming that the laptop is set to display to its video port).  The laptop can be connected via HDMI (the recommended connection) or VGA (for very old systems).  After disconnecting a laptop the system will automatically switch to displaying the computer again.

We have adapters to change to HDMI from USB-C (untested) or Mini DisplayPort or DVI-D, and an HDMI and a DVI-D cable and a Wireless Presenter with Laser Pointer if needed in the green basket available from the front desk.  As always we strongly recommend that you test that things work as expected at least 24 hours in advance of using the equipment in BA6183.  Changing hardware and software sometimes causes incompatibilities between a laptop and our system.  Using the computer with a USB flash drive usually works with fewer issues.  A VGA cable should be available on the podium.

The USB connectors to the computer (in case you bring just a USB flash drive) are now loose and are labelled and have green tape on them.

You still need to use the touchscreen to activate the screens and projectors.


  1. It is no longer possible to use an extended desktop on the projected screens; whenever two screens are displayed they will be duplicates.
  2. The audio system was not reconnected.  We are looking into getting that functionality back.
  3. Only the computer and laptop inputs work now since the new switcher is much simpler and smaller.
  4. The image aspect ratio is only 4:3 (since our projectors are quite old and that is the aspect ratio of our screens) and the resolution is fixed to prevent interoperability issues with video renegotiation.
  5. HDCP had to be disabled since our hardware is too old which means that HDCP-enabled digital content (much high definition content is protected this way) cannot be displayed.


  1. Log in on the touchscreen to activate the system (the code is available from the front desk).
  2. Choose Computer or Laptop (it does not matter which since a laptop will always have priority over the computer).  If you need the account/password information for the computer please ask at the front desk.
  3. Select whether you wish to display on either the Left or Right (as viewed from the audience) or Both screens.
  4. If you do not connect a laptop the computer desktop will be displayed.  You can use the loose USB ports that have green tape on them if using the computer.
  5. If you connect a laptop its display will take precedence and the laptop screen may adjust its resolution and aspect ratio to that of the projectors.