math fonts on departmental web pages

The new departmental webpages that use nicer mathematical fonts (such as many Events pages) use jsMath (code that translates TeX-like instructions into javascript to display in your browser) in order to create the characters in mathematical fonts.  If you install the extra jsMath fonts (click on the “jsMath” button in the lower right corner of a browser window that uses such fonts and select “Hi-Res Fonts for Printing”) then things will look and print much better.

If you do not wish to install the fonts it would still probably be a good idea to click on the “jsMath” in the lower corner then select “Options” and then select “Use native Unicode characters”.  Special mathematical characters may not be available, but characters such as Greek letters will look much better than with the default “Use images for symbols only” setting (images are difficult to properly position and are often shifted up or down on the line and do not look very good) .

Of course this only works if you have javascript enabled in your browser.